ICOMOS-UK Committees

We do much of our work through our Committees, made up of ICOMOS-UK members, who operate on a voluntary basis.  We support this through a small secretariat, based in our London office, where we currently have three part-time staff. 

Joining a committee

Contact the Secretary or the Chair of the Committee you would like to join by emailing admin@icomos-uk.org. You need to be a member of ICOMOS-UK before you can join a Committee.


New Digital Technology National Committee launched

ICOMOS-UK has launched a new innovative Digital Technology National Committee with its inaugural meeting held on Friday 7th November 2014.

The new committee will focus on all aspects of digital and electronic technologies and their application to tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The theme of Digital Technology, filling a gap in the family of ICOMOS Scientific Committees, was met with much enthusiasm with over 30 people in attendance and many sectors represented including the museum, engineering and archaeology sectors – from commercial industries and academic institutions.  

The Committee, meeting four times a year, will stage conferences and facilitate research connections and information exchange amongst cultural heritage cohorts. A key objective is to link up with colleagues worldwide.

Please email admin@icomos-uk.org if you would like more information.


Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens Committee

This Committee takes a particular interest in the cultural landscape dimension of World Heritage Sites.  Its members meet regularly to:

  • Review and comment on development proposals or guidance relating to cultural landscapes
  • Promote the implementation of the European Landscape Convention with the ICOMOS-UK/IUCN-UK Landscape Working Group
  • Raise awareness through research, projects or events
  • Develop good practice

Through the London Views project it has developed a photographic record of the principal and historic views in and out of the World Heritage Sites based in London.  Views of Greenwich and the three other London World Heritage sites featured in a photographic exhibition on Sharing Heritage at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London in September 2013.  

Implementing the European Landscape Convention 2006

Chair: Paul Walshe

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org

Cultural Tourism Committee

The aims of this committee are to:

  • promote the ICOMOS international guidelines on cultural tourism

  • create a dynamic forum to encourage debate on current issues in cultural tourism throughout the UK

  • raise awareness of, and sensitivity to political, economic, socio-cultural, technological and environmental dimensions of cultural tourism development in the UK and internationally

  • foster understanding and knowledge of the significance of cultural tourism in sustaining both tangible and intangible cultural heritage within communities

  • identify, promote and adapt good practice in diverse contexts through cultural tourism and conservation education/training programmes in partnership with ICOMOS-UK Education and Training Committee

You can find more details on its activities here.

Acting Chair: Simon Woodward  Acting Vice-Chair: Kelley Christ

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org

Development Committee

The Development Committee works to develop the membership, marketing and profile of ICOMOS-UK.  

Chair: Michael Mail

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org

Education and Training Committee

This Committee’s work ties in with the ICOMOS International Training Committee (CIF).  It looks at the changing needs of education and training in the broader fields of conservation with an international perspective. 

Chair: Dorian Crone

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are the Trustees of ICOMOS-UK.  Chairs of all the other Committees sit on the Executive Committee.  This Committee is responsible for the finance, governance and management of ICOMOS-UK as an organisation.

Chair: Richard Hughes

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org

Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee

This committee aims to:

  • integrate Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), as defined by the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and associated Guidelines, into ICOMOS-UK's wide ranging activities relating to the understanding, safeguarding and promotion of heritage.

1. To create an awareness and understanding of the 2003 UNESCO Convention and  ICH Guidelines among ICOMOS-UK  and its membership, heritage partners engaged directly or indirectly in the understanding and safeguarding and promotion of  heritage, the UK National Commission for UNESCO, the State Party and the civil society across the UK

2. To focus on the following five ICH Domains as set out in the 2003 UNESCO Convention and Guidelines:

  • oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle of the intangible cultural heritage
  • performing arts
  • social practices, rituals and festive events
  • knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
  • traditional craftsmanship
  • And other areas of arts and heritage practices that emerge in the future which the Committee considers relevant to its work

3. To encourage good practice in the management of ICH through advice, education and training undertaken jointly with other relevant ICOMOS-UK Committees and/or heritage partners engaged in promoting and safeguarding ICH
4. To develop a forum for dynamic discussions and debates on issues relating to ICH in the UK  
5. To maintain close links with the ICOMOS' International Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage and its work and guidance on the identification, protection, interpretation, and management of the intangible cultural associations attributed to monuments and sites.

The Committee gains strength from:

  • ICOMOS-UK’s commitment to ICH in its work and through a dedicated Committee focusing on ICH
  • The professional expertise and experiences of the Committee members  
  • Links with Civil Society through the diverse community arts and heritage network across the UK and other relevant voluntary sector network  
  • Links with ICOMOS-UK’s ICH membership and other relevant arts and heritage professionals and practitioners
  • Partnership with wide ranging heritage sectors/organisations including museums, galleries, archives, libraries sectors
  • Links with key state agencies and international organisations including Arts Councils, central and local governments, DCMS and the UK National Commission for UNESCO.

Chair: Clara Arokiasamy, OBE  

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org

World Heritage Committee

The World Heritage Committee is the focus of World Heritage activity within ICOMOS-UK.  It considers issues arising in the UK on World Heritage Sites, tentative lists, nominations, management plans and monitoring reports.  It also advises ICOMOS international and UNESCO, via the Secretary, on all matters relating to World Heritage in the UK.

Chair: Peter Marsden

Vice-Chair: Barry Joyce

Contact: admin@icomos-uk.org