ICOMOS-UK is the UK national committee of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), which has a special role as official adviser to UNESCO on cultural World Heritage Sites. At ICOMOS-UK we play a vital role in advising on aspects of World Heritage and sites for nomination across the UK.  We are an independent charity with a UK-wide and international mission to promote and support best practice in the conservation, care and understanding of the historic environment.

What we do

Our remit is to

  • Provide a forum for all those involved in the conservation of cultural heritage in the UK
  • Encourage contact between heritage and conservation professionals on specialist and general issues
  • Work for higher standards in the conservation of cultural heritage
  • Play a leading role in implementing the World Heritage Convention within the UK and in promoting best practice in managing  UK World Heritage Sites
  • Provide links with the international network of ICOMOS members
  • Promote international best practice through events, seminars and publications
  • Encourage a wide understanding of the scope and value of cultural heritage

Who we are

We have three part-time staff in our secretariat  based in London.  We are run by an Executive Committee, and the develoment of ICOMOS-UK is overseen by the Development Committee. Much of our work is done through our members and through our specialist committees.  Some of our members represent the UK on ICOMOS International Scientific Committees.

Secretariat staff

Secretary Susan Denyer
Office Manager Caroline Sandes
Events Co-ordinator Anthea Giada Longo

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are the Trustees of ICOMOS-UK.  Chairs of all our other Committees sit on the Executive Committee.  This Committee is responsible for the finance, governance and management of ICOMOS-UK as an organisation. 

President of ICOMOS-UK and Chair of the Executive Committee: Richard Hughes

Vice Presidents: Stephen Hughes (Vice-President Wales)

To contact any of our Executive Committee members, email admin@icomos-uk.org

Contact us

Our address is:

70 Cowcross Street


+44 (0)207 566 0031



Charity Number:


We are bound by the ICOMOS International Statutes.  We also have an Ethical Statement, and subscribe to the ICOMOS Policy for the Implementation of the World Heritage MandateOur Constitution was adopted in 1996.  We are registered as a charity with the Charity Commission.

ICOMOS International

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS International) is an association of professionals that currently brings together over 10,000 members throughout the world, dedicated to the conservation of the world’s cultural heritage.

ICOMOS works for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places. It is the only global non-government organisation of its kind, promoting the application of theory, methodology and scientific techniques to the conservation of cultural heritage. Its work is based on the principles in the 1964 International Charter on the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites (the Venice Charter) as well as a number of other conservation doctrines.

ICOMOS benefits from the exchange between its international network of members, including architects, historians, archaeologists, art historians, geographers, anthropologists, engineers and town planners. ICOMOS members contribute to the preservation of heritage, developing and improving the standards and techniques for buildings, historic cities, cultural landscapes and archaeological sites.

The objectives of ICOMOS are:

  • To bring together conservation specialists from all over the world and serve as a forum for professional dialogue and exchange
  • To collect, evaluate and disseminate information on conservation principles, techniques and policies
  • To co-operate with national and international authorities to set up documentation centres specialising in conservation
  • To work for the adoption and implementation of international conventions on the conservation and enhancement of architectural heritage
  • To participate in the organisation of training programs for conservation specialists on a world-wide scale
  • To put the expertise of highly qualified professionals and specialists at the service of the international community

ICOMOS International is managed by an Executive Committee which consists of the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, five Vice Presidents, 12 general members and up to 5 co-opted members. These members all have demonstrated professional qualities and represent every major region of the globe. The Executive Committee prepares the program and the budget, oversees their implementation and registers new National and International Committees. It is assisted by the Advisory Committee (comprising the Presidents of each national chapter of ICOMOS) and the Scientific Council (comprising the Presidents of each of the International Scientific Committees).

For further information, visit the ICOMOS International website.