Vernacular and Village Architecture Committee (VAC)

To promote the principles and guidelines outlined by ICOMOS CHARTER ON THE BUILT VERNACULAR HERITAGE (1999)
To create a national forum to encourage debate and collaboration on vernacular architecture throughout the UK and abroad; on local, regional and national levels, with reference to international developments, in coordination with ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Vernacular Architecture (CIAV)
To raise awareness of the qualities, significance and cultural values of the vernacular and village non-engineered built heritage and the importance of  conservation and continued societal uses
To identify and promote good practice in the fields of the documentation, management, conservation, interpretation and presentation of the vernacular built heritage throughout the UK and abroad
Five-years Strategic Plan 2017-2022
The compilation of a national register (Who's who) for institutions, groups, activities and individuals active in the field of vernacular built heritage on local, regional and national levels and including academic, professional and communal interests;
Practically supporting the core themes  being more fully addressed in school and college curriculums and in outreach educational programmes;
Encouraging the study of the potential of nominating vernacular and village built heritage on the UK World Heritage Tentative List, and the eventual enlisting on the WHL;
The development of engineering, architectural and social aid activities directed towards the protection and celebration of vernacular built heritage around the world based on UK expertise and resources and in collaboration with CIAV, other vernacular and village architecture national committees (in other countries) and regional and international organizations such as EC, ICCROM, ICOM and UNESCO;
Supporting the development of vernacular and village architecture within the UN 2030 Sustainable development Goals;
The organization of an international conference on vernacular architecture in 2022 with the objective of inviting annual meeting and scientific conference of CIAV to be held in the UK with active participation from UK institutions, groups and individuals;
The holding of annual seminars to discuss and develop the implemenation of the strategic plan leading to the international conference in 2022;
Support activities that address the wonderful heritage and character of UK vernacular buildings built with earth;
Support the rebuilding of vernacular buildings as part of recovery of armed conflict in the Middle East and Africa.
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Hossam Mahdy,Vernacular and Village Architecture Committee,
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