International Scientific Committee for the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH)

Hello! Thank you for visiting the page of the International Scientific Committee for the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH) branch of ICOMOS-UK. We meet every 6 months, mainly in London, and run engagement events.
The ISCARSAH-UK aims to provide a multidisciplinary forum and network for engineers, architects, teachers, planners, surveyors and managers involved in the restoration and care of building heritage. The committee deals with all the steps of a restoration process as identified by ICOMOS including:
a) Anamnesis
b) Diagnosis
c) Therapy
d) Controls
We are interested in the following key subject areas:
a) Traditional and innovative construction materials and techniques
b) Inspection and documentation
c) Non-destructive testing and structural monitoring
d) In-situ and laboratory experimental tests and results
e) Analytical and numerical approaches
f) Preventive conservation
g) Sustainable repair and strengthening techniques
h) Man-made threats
i) Impact of Climate Change
j) Impact of natural disasters
k) Values and sustainability
If you find anything listed below interesting and would like to be involved, do not hesitate to contact us.
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We are pleased to announce that on 16th February a meeting was held to officially launch ISCARSAH-UK. It was enthusiastically attended by a group of engineers and others variously from academic institutions and industry.
To go forward, it was agreed to develop a business plan, have informal social events and share  information, ideas, and the latest news. It will  hold  3 to 4 meetings per year moving locations, with the host providing an invited lecture and showing off the latest of   laboratory research, and visiting conservation projects that have a significant amount of cutting-edge engineering/scientific inputs.
ISCARSAH-UK will develop strong links to ISCARSAH members worldwide and will support countries where engineering skills for conservation are not as yet fully developed
ISCARSAH-UK is open to members of ICOMOS-UK to join and would like to be practically involved. We are particularly keen to support our new national committee set up to engage with ‘emerging young professionals’. Please be in touch with the office for requesting further details.