29 Jul 2012
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The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage (ISCSBH) will be holding its annual meeting and symposium in China (Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing) from 20 - 27 October 2012. The ISCSHB is the Committee that represents ICOMOS in matters of shared built heritage across the world.  It has been holding its annual meetings on different continents since 2008, including Europe in 2009, South America in 2010, Africa in 2011 and now in Asia in 2012. According to the draft programme, participants will look at shared architecture in Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing and discuss colonial architecture of all kinds in China, and sharing and accepting cultural heritage. The meeting hopes to discuss a draft document on Safeguarding and Management of Shared Built Heritage and produce it as an ICOMOS guideline for shared built heritage. 


  • Please. Send me details on this conference in Shanghai. I would like to attend. Kobayashik206@gmail.com

    23rd August 2012 - Koichi kobayashi