26 Mar 2013
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There are a number of new ICOMOS International Scientific Committees (ISCs) in the offing.  Firstly, a new committee on Energy and Sustainability has been agreed.  This will have Peter Cox of ICOMOS Ireland as its Acting President.  A working group is reviewing its statutes, and there will soon be a call for nominations for membership.  Secondly, a new ISC on Places of Religion and Ritual is close to being ready to present itself for official recognition at the Advisory Committee in 2013.  The working group is being led by Britta Rudolff of ICOMOS Bahrain.  The proposed scope of this ISC covers the understanding, protection, conservation and management of places which are valued mainly for their current roles in religious and ritual contexts.  Finally there is a proposal for a joint committee between ICOMOS and the International Union on Astronomy to form an ISC on Astronomical Heritage (ISCAH).  The working group currently consists of Michel Cotte of ICOMOS France and Clive Ruggles of IUA.