01 Feb 2018
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Project Update: Help ICOMOS remain an open non-political cultural heritage forum

We are happy to announce that our campaign has exceeded its fundraising target!
Thanks to a generous contribution of 50 000 US$ (45 454 €) by SACH – the Chinese State Administration for Cultural Heritage, as well as contributions by ICOMOS Germany, ICOMOS Portugal and an additional 8 individuals – our campaign has now raised 100 914 € from 606 supporters.
To this will be added, in the near future, the donation from the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® who, in the framework of its initiative Life Beyond Tourism®, is kindly donating the registration fees it will perceive in January and February 2018 in the context of its international photo contest “Heritage for Planet Earth”. To participate, visit h4pe.lifebeyondtourism.org
As announced, the additional 20 914€ raised so far beyond our initial target, and any additional funds raised from now on, will be included in ICOMOS’ own Travel Fund (called the Victoria Falls Fund) and used to support attendance of ICOMOS members from countries facing financial difficulties at our forthcoming General Assemblies to ensure a broad geographical participation – which is ICOMOS’ raison d’être. Your continued contributions to this Fund are all the more important as obtaining external grants in the coming years for this purpose may prove more difficult– and we are therefore keeping the campaign open for the time being.
The encouragement we have received since we first launched our campaign beginning of November 2017, especially from individual donors and supporters who relayed our call for help in their networks, has deeply touched us. Beyond the funding concern, which is and remains important considering ICOMOS’ financial fragility, we have been greatly reassured in seeing that this campaign united us, including many non-members, around ICOMOS’ core principle as an open and non-political network and that these essential values are shared by so many. We really did not expect to reach, let alone surpass, our target, and it was only possible thanks to your unwavering support.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
With best regards
Gaia Jungeblodt
ICOMOS International Secretariat
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