16 Sep 2012
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The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Architectural Heritage Management (ICAHM) is holding its Annual Meeting in Cuzco, Peru from 27-30 November 2012, to explore the consequences of UNESCO's World Heritage Convention 40 years on in the context of managing archaeological heritage worldwide. 

Among the worldwide issues for consideration at this meeting are:

  • local stakeholder claims on archaeological heritage;
  • sustainable development and community sustainability;
  • tourism pressures and site preservation;
  • heritage and rights;
  • challenges to the validity and value of the World Heritage List as it quickly approaches 1,000 inscribed sites;
  • the World Heritage List decision-making process;
  • impacts of war, civil disorder, and natural disasters on archaeological sites;
  • technical advances in archaeological heritage management.

ICAHM will publish selected papers from this annual meeting in its publication series with Springer Press, "Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Archaeological Heritage Management." The deadline to register for the conference is 15 October 2012.