07 May 2013
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Academics and practitioners working in the field of architectural regeneration will come together at this one-day symposium, held at Oxford Brookes University School of Architecture on 30 May 2013, in connection with the International Architectural Regeneration and Development Masters course.  The purpose is to:

  • learn from architectural practices' approaches to architectural regeneration
  • explore ways in which architects and postgraduate study can most effectively respond to practice
  • expand on a theoretical framework of architectural regeneration that is informed by practice and research

Speakers include Robin Nicholson from Cullinan Studio, Robert Adam from ADAM Architecture, Geoff Rich from Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Trevor Osborne from the Trevor Osborne Property Group and Charles Wagner from English Heritage.  The organisers define architectural regeneration as reusing, adapting and evoving existing buildings within an urban or rural context in ways that recognise the impact this has on regeneration, with an emphasis on environmental, social and cultural sustainability.  

The symposium will be of interest to practitioners in the field and to teachers of architecture.  The cost is £40, to include lunch and a drinks reception.  To register, contact Valerie Massingham or find further information here


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